DSPC© allows for the characterization and monitoring of complex product (device) wafer structures, including homo- or hetero-junctions, back metallization (or, in general, conductive substrates). The photovoltaic applications include monitoring:
  • Effective carrier generation rate and hence surface reflectance
  • Absolute steady-state carrier recombination lifetime under solar cell operating conditions
  • Effective emitter recombination velocity, eJRV
  • Expected output voltage of a solar cell, Voc
Measurements of the steady-state carrier recombination lifetime uses patented ASRL© (Absolute Steady-State Carrier Recombination Lifetime) method  that does not require the measurement of the carrier generation rate. This feature allows for lifetime measurements of product (device) wafers with textured surfaces and monitoring optical quality of such surfaces.

The ASRL© modality can be used for bulk and thin-film photovoltaic solar cells based on mono- and multi-crystalline materials.

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