For more than 25 years GEKA is introducing new non-destructive metrologies for semiconductor process monitoring. Tools initiated by GEKA companies are used by most of the leading device and wafer manufactures worldwide and were recognized with multiple awards and were featured by leading semiconductor journals.

We kept pace with rapidly evolving industry,
expanding our capabilities and meeting growing requirements of our customers. Measurement tools introduced by GEKA founded companies are used for over 25 years in measurement of surface contamination and bulk doping concentration. Our tools are used for monitoring of a wide range of advance processes including furnace operations, wafer cleaning, epi, and ion-implantation.

Our newest technology patented: "Defect Specific Photoconductance (DSPC )" goes beyond standard electrical characterization methods. It offers flexibility and versatility required from in-line process monitoring tools. It offers simultaneous surface an d bulk characterization without any additional wafer treatments. It is applicable both to bulk and thin film wafer structures used in Si and compound semiconductor photovoltaics as well as HB-LED manufacturing.